Galician expressions cross-stitched in embroidery hoop.

  • Cona que me botou
  • Nai que me fixo
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Galician expressions cross-stitched in embroidery hoop.

Recelle is “enxebre”, simple, typical Galician. It expresses what we say when we screw up, when we make a blunder; but also the first thing that comes to our mind when something comes out perfect, when we surpass ourseves and feel proud to the fullest.

Put it in your rooms and exclaim “Cona que me botou!” when things go wrong. Hang it in a nursery, because this is what the baby is thinking with a smile: “Nai que me fixo”.


  • Circular frame, 17cm in diameter, is made of bamboo and has a stainless steel closure.
  • Cross stitch fabric (aida cloth) is made of cotton and has 5’5 points per cm (14 points per inch), which gives it a rustic look.
  • Threads are DMC mouliné espécial, 100% cotton, colors 310, 645, 972 and 3810.
  • Each product is completely handmade and, therefore, there may be slight variations between them.

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